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Lunch to go from Lunch-on-the-Go.
August 11, 2003
By clue 1, the five regular customers of Lunch-on-the-Go spent from $4.00-6.00 for their lunches, with no two spending the same amount. By clue 2, Jim spent $1.00 more than Ruland, who spent $.50 more than the person who purchased the hamburger; while by clue 6, Ian's meal cost $1.00 more than that of the Charter Accountants employee, whose food cost $.50 more than that of the person who meets the van on 4th Street. Since six people are named in clues 2 and 6, there must be some overlap between the clues. Since no two spent the same sum (clue 1), Ruland isn't the Charter Accountants employee and the hamburger wasn't sold on 4th Street. If Ian had bought the hamburger, combining clues 2 and 6 and would give Jim spending the high of $6.00, Ruland $5.00, Ian $4.50, the Charter Accountants person $3.50, and the 4th Street regular $3.00-the last two sums contradicting clue 1. If Ian were Ruland, then letting Jim pay the $6.00 (1) would give Ian paying $5.00, the hamburger costing $4.50, the Charter Accountants employee spending $4.00, and the 4th Street regular paying $3.50--contradicting the $4.00 low in clue 1. So, Ian is the fourth regular to the three in clue 2. If the 4th Street regular in clue 6 were Jim in clue 2, letting Ian's meal cost $6.00 would give the Charter Accountants employee spending $5.00, Jim paying $4.50, Ruland spending $3.50, and the hamburger going for $3.00--no (1). If the 4th Street regular were Ruland, then Ian would have spent $6.00, the Charter Accountants employee $5.00, Ruland on 4th Street $4.50, Jim $5.50, and the person enjoying the hamburger $4.00. By clue 2, since Ruland would have met Lunch-on-the-Go on 4th Street, Jim would have met it on 3rd. Then by clue 3, since Jim would have paid the second most, $5.50, for his food, Kevin would have bought his lunch on 2nd Street and the employee from Jill's Boutique would be Ruland. Ian, who would have spent $6.00, would have met the van on 1st Street (4). Since the hamburger would have cost the least, by clue 4, it would have been bought by Kevin, a conflict with clue 12. So the 4th Street regular isn't Ruland. If the Charter Accounts employee in clue 6 were Jim in clue 2, letting Ian's expenditure be $6.00 would have Jim spending $5.00, the 4th Street regular's meal costing $4.50, Ruland paying $4.00, and the hamburger selling for $3.50--no (1). The only possible overlap between clues 2 and 6 is that the Charter Accountants worker bought the hamburger. Then, between clues 2 and 6, Jim spent the most, $6.00 (1) for his food, with Ruland spending $5.00, the hamburger costing $4.50, Ian paying $5.50, and the customer on 4th Street spending the least, $4.00. Since the latter amount isn't the second most spent, by clue 3, Kevin met the van on 2nd Street, Ian paid the $5.50 on 3rd Street, and the customer on 4th Street works at Jill's Boutique. By clue 2, Jim must have met Lunch-on-the-Go at 1st Street and Ruland on 2nd Street. By elimination, the Charter Accountants employee bought the hamburger on 5th Street. By clue 8, Kevin works at Seamless Software. Ian works at PCN Bank and Preston at Charter Accountants (9). By elimination, Jim is at Truefit Tires. Then Jim's surname is Thompson (5). By clue 9, Lisa is Preston; and Michelle works at Jill's Boutique. Then Michelle bought the taco (7). By clue 10, Jim's order was the chicken barbecue, and Ian is Scholl. Michelle is Quivers. Finally, Ian had a meatball sub and Kevin a Caesar salad (11). In sum, the five Lunch-on-the-Go purchases were

  • 1st St. - Jim Thompson, Truefit Tires, chicken barbecue, $6.00
  • 2nd St. - Kevin Ruland, Seamless Software, Caesar salad, $5.00
  • 3rd St. - Ian Scholl, PCN Bank, meatball sub, $5.50
  • 4th St. - Michelle Quivers, Jill's Boutique, taco, $4.00
  • 5th St. - Lisa Preston, Charter Accountants, hamburger, $4.50

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