Lunch to go from Lunch-on-the-Go.
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Last Wednesday, going north on Bell Avenue, the Lunch-on-the-Go van stopped consecutively at 1st through 5th Streets. At each stop, one of the van's regular customers bought a different lunch item, with one ordering a Caesar salad. Can you solve this tricky Brain Teaser by determining who bought what at each street: the person's full name (one last name is Thompson), where he or she works, the Lunch-on-the-Go menu item bought, and how much that lunch cost?

  1. The prices paid by the five regulars went from a low of $4.00 to a high of $6.00; no two paid the same amount for lunch.
  2. Jim spent $1.00 more for lunch at one stop than Ruland did at the next stop, while Ruland's choice cost him $.50 more than the hamburger cost another customer.
  3. At three consecutive stops first-to-last, Kevin bought his meal from the van, the person who spent the second-most money purchased lunch, and the one who works at Jill's Boutique bought a third item--the latter wasn't at the 3rd Street stop.
  4. The person who met the van at 5th Street, who isn't Ian, didn't spend the least for lunch.
  5. Neither Quivers nor Scholl is the regular customer who works at Truefit Tires.
  6. Ian's meal cost $1.00 more than that of the Charter Accountants employee, who spent $.50 more than the person who made the purchase on 4th Street.
  7. One street after one regular bought a taco, Lisa got her lunch from the Lunch-on-the-Go van.
  8. The Seamless Software worker, who isn't Ian, isn't the one who made the first purchase.
  9. The PCN Bank employee's lunch cost $1.00 more than that of Preston, who isn't Michelle.
  10. Scholl's menu item cost $.50 less than the chicken barbecue bought by another regular.
  11. The customer who bought the meatball sub didn't meet the van at 2nd Street.
  12. The hamburger wasn't Kevin's selection.