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Fair Fun
Fair rides and fair food are featured in a funfilled day at the fair.
August 4, 2003
By clue 2, three consecutive picks were the one by Dawn, the one to ride the Jolly Roger, and the one to eat candy apples; while by clue 6, three picks in a row were by Erica, to eat funnel cakes, and to ride The Plunge. Between the two clues, therefore, there must be some overlap; the only possible arrangements are that Erica picked 1st and Dawn 3rd or that Dawn picked 1st and Erica 3rd. Trying the first possibility, Erica would have gone 1st, the group's 2nd food would have been funnel cakes, Dawn would have used her 3rd pick to ride The Plunge, the Jolly Roger would have been the 4th ride, and the kids would have ended the day by eating candy apples (clues 2, 6). By clue 7, the 2nd ride selection would have been the Whoop-D-Do, with Dawn then picking lemonade as her treat. The 4th food would have been cotton candy, and Chad would have picked 5th (4). By elimination, Erica would have opted for frozen custard. However, Erica's ride choice then couldn't have been either the Snapping Turtle (3) or the Twist 'N' Shout (5). Therefore, the first arrangement of clues 2 and 6, that Erica made the 1st ride and food choices, fails. Dawn picked 1st and Erica 3rd, with the Jolly Roger then the 2nd ride, Erica choosing candy apples (2), the funnel cakes eaten 4th, and The Plunge the last ride taken by the group (6). By clue 4, Dawn opted for the cotton candy; and Chad picked 2nd. Alexis picked 5th (1) and Brett 4th. By clue 5, Dawn's ride choice was the Twist 'N' Shout. By clue 7, Brett picked the Whoop-D-Do to ride on, with Alexis ending the day with lemonade for everyone. By elimination, Erica's ride treat was the Sanpping Turtle, and Chad bought the group frozen custard cones. In sum, the five kids chose rides and foods in the following order:

  • 1st - Dawn, Twist 'N' Shout, cotton candy
  • 2nd - Chad, Jolly Roger, frozen custard
  • 3rd - Erica, Snapping Turtle, candy apple
  • 4th - Brett, Whoop-D-Do, funnel cake
  • 5th - Alexis, The Plunge, lemonade

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