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Fair Fun
Fair rides and fair food are featured in a funfilled day at the fair.
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August 4, 2003
Saturday, Brett and four young friends enjoyed the fun at the Summerset City Fair. After walking through the fairgrounds and taking in the attractions, they decided that each would treat the group first to a ride and then to a fair food. Given the clues below, can you solve this Fair-ly easy Logic Problem by determining the order in which the five friends picked and the ride and food each selected.

  1. Alexis's food choice wasn't funnel cakes.
  2. These three kids treated the group consecutively first-to-last: Dawn, the one who picked the Jolly Roger for them to ride, and the friend who bought everyone candy apples.
  3. The one who bought frozen custard cones isn't the one who chose the Snapping Turtle to ride.
  4. Immediately after the five finished their cotton candy treat, Chad put them on a fair ride--not the Whoop-D-Do, however.
  5. The kid who paid for the rides on the Twist 'N' Shout, who isn't Erica, didn't pick funnel cakes to eat afterwards.
  6. These three friends picked consecutively first-to-last: Erica, the one who bought funnel cakes for the group, and the kid who paid for them to ride The Plunge.
  7. The person who treated the group to lemonade had the choice immediately after that of the friend who paid for the Whoop-D-Do ride.

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