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Modern Art Acquisitions
Museums purchase artist Raffi Ratskellar's latest works.
July 21, 2003
By clue 7, artist Raffi Ratskellar's Still Blue Water sold for $5,000 more than 999 Red Balloons; while by clue 4, Still Blue Water sold for $10,000 more than the work Ms. Hassam bought for her museum. The painting Mr. Warhol bought sold for $10,000 less than 999 Red Balloons (clue 2). So, since Still Blue Water didn't fetch the highest price (4), these four paintings brought the 2nd-5th highest prices and were $5,000 apart in price: Still Blue Water, 999 Red Balloons, the one Ms. Hassam acquired, and the one Mr. Warhol purchased. Neither Brown Study (6) nor Yellow Hibiscus (8) sold for the top price, so Movement 22 in Black and White did. The museum paying the most for a Ratskellar wasn't the Summerset MOMA (3), American Scenic Gallery (5), Frederick Neederlander Collection (6), or Museum of Modernity (8) and is the Googlehammer. By clue 3, the Googlehammer buy cost $5,000 more than the Summerset MOMA acquisition. The Summerset MOMA acquisition must be Still Blue Water, since buying it at a lower price than that would make the Googlehammer sum paid be equal to (contradicting the introduction) or less than the price for Still Blue Water. We can now compute the amounts paid for the pictures: letting Mr. Warhol's price be X, Ms. Hassam's is X + 5,000, 999 Red Balloons sold for X + 10,000, the Summerset MOMA spent X + 15,000 on Still Blue Water, and the Googlehammer paid X + 20,000. Summing, 5X + 50,000 = 100,000 (1), or X equals $10,000. Mr. Warhol's price was $10,000, Ms. Hassam's $15,000, 999 Red Balloons fetched $20,000, the Summerset MOMA spent $25,000 on Still Blue Water, and the Googlehammer acquired Movement 22 in Black and White for $30,000. By clue 6, Mr. Rothko made the purchase for the Googlehammer, the Frederick Neederlander Collection spent the $15,000, and Brown Study sold for $10,000. By elimination, the $15,000 purchased Yellow Hibiscus. Then the Museum of Modernity bought 999 Red Balloons, and Ms. Sargent made the purchase for the Summerset MOMA (8). By elimination, Mr. Moses made the 999 Red Balloons buy, and the American Scenic Gallery acquired Ratskellar's Brown Study. In sum, the five paintings sold as follows:

  • Mr. Rothko, the Googlehammer, paid $30,000 for Movement 22 in Black and White
  • Ms. Sargent, Summerset MOMA, paid $25,000 for Still Blue Water
  • Mr. Moses, Museum of Modernity, paid $20,000 for 999 Red Balloons
  • Ms. Hassam, Frederick Neederlander Collection, paid $15,000 for Yellow Hibiscus
  • Mr. Warhol, American Scenic Gallery, paid $10,000 for Brown Study

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