Modern Art Acquisitions
Museums purchase artist Raffi Ratskellar's latest works.
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Last week, artist Raffi Ratskellar sold his five latest paintings to five different museums of modern art across the U.S. Mr. Moses and four fellow curators, each representing a different one of the buyers, made the purchases in person, with each spending a different sum on his or her Ratskellar acquisition. Given the sales data below, can you find which curator, for which museum and for what sum, bought each modern art work?

  1. The five Raffi Ratskellars sold for a total of $100,000.
  2. 999 Red Balloons sold for $10,000 more than the painting purchased by Mr. Warhol for his museum.
  3. The Googlehammer's acquisition cost $5,000 more than the Summerset MOMA's.
  4. Ms. Hassam paid $10,000 less for her painting than the curator who bought Still Blue Water, which didn't sell for the highest price of the five.
  5. Ratskellar's Movement 22 in Black and White isn't the work he sold to the American Scenic Gallery.
  6. The museum represented by Mr. Rothko spent twice as much as the Frederick Neederlander Collection, which paid more for a painting than the institution which got Brown Study.
  7. Still Blue Water fetched $5,000 more than 999 Red Balloons
  8. Ms. Sargent paid more for her Ratskellar than the Museum of Modernity's curator paid; both those works cost more than Yellow Hibiscus.