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Power Shift
Executives trade offices in Widgett, Inc.'s latest managerial shakeup.
July 14, 2003
By clue 1, two of the executives moved up in the building while three moved down. We'll arbitrarily assign executives to their former offices as follows: executive A - 9th floor; B - 8th floor; C - 7th floor; D - 6th floor; and E - 5th floor. The two who moved up gained 2 and 3 floors (clue 1). The executive who moved up 3 floors must be D or E. If the big gainer were D, going from the 6th to the 9th floor, then the one who moved up 2 floors would be E, going from the 5th to the 7th floor. By clue 1, the most any executive dropped in office location was 3 floors and would then have to be executive A or B. If it were A, going from the 9th to the 6th floor, then C would have to go from the 7th to the 5th floor--but B would not then move. If B dropped the 3 floors, from the 8th to 5th floor, C would have moved down from the 7th to the 6th floor, leaving A to go from the 9th to the 8th floor--no (8). Therefore, the big gainer isn't executive D and is executive E, going up 3 floors from the 5th to the 8th (1). Since executive D then couldn't move up 2 floors from 6th to 8th, the one who gained 2 floors would be C, from 7th to 9th. Since the other 3 went down, with one dropping 3 floors (1), D would have to move from the 6th to the 5th floor, then A would have to have lost the 3 floors from 9th to 6th; B's office moved from the 8th to the 7th floor. By clue 6, Alice moved into Grayson's former office, while Grayson took over the old office of the VP for Human Resources, with both moving down from the CEO's 10 tenth floor spaces. The only arrangement that works is that Alice is executive A, Grayson is D, and the VP for Human Resources is E. Hazlett moved down 1 floor (5) and must be executive B; since Linda took over Hazlett's office (5), she is E, VP for Human Resources. By clue 7, Larry got Michael's old office; Larry is Hazlett, and Michael is executive C, who is now on the 9th floor. By elimination, Richard is Grayson. Since the Chief Information Officer moved up to Blocker's former office (3), the CIO must be Michael, with Alice then Blocker. By clue 2, Linda is Feldman and Michael Dubois. By clue 4, Alice is the VP for Sales and Richard the Chief Financial Officer. Larry Hazlett is Widgett, Inc.'s VP for Marketing. In sum, the power shift among Widgett, Inc.'s executives occurred as follows:

  • 9th floor -- Alice Blocker, VP Sales, to Michael Dubois
  • 8th floor -- Larry Hazlett, VP Marketing, to Linda Feldman
  • 7th floor -- Michael Dubois, Chief Information Officer, to Larry Hazlett
  • 6th floor -- Richard Grayson, Chief Financial Officer, to Alice Blocker
  • 5th floor, Linda Feldman, VP Human Resources, to Richard Grayson

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