Space Talk
Salesbeings talk shop in interstellar tongues.
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At a recent sales meeting for Microsoft galactic representatives, eight beings from different planets found themselves seated together at dinner. They soon discovered that while there was no single interstellar language all of them understood, they could communicate with each other by acting as interpretors: each speaks a different two of the eight official languages, including Rimtongue, with each language understood by two of the beings. Given the clues below, can you solve this Space Logic by determining the two languages in which each salesbeing is fluent?

  1. Laird Alfred was seated between the two beings who speak New Greco, neither of whom understands Symbolic.
  2. Neither of the two beings fluent in Asimovian speaks either Flavian or Z.
  3. Romulus, who was honored as top galactic salesbeing at the meeting, speaks Earth and Symbolic.
  4. Fala Bett acted directly as interpretor between Laird Alfred and xRySzT; Centaurian wasn't used in the interchange.
  5. YanChe is fluent in Flavian and Z, the newest interstellar tongue.
  6. xRySzT doen't understand a glyph of Asimovian.
  7. Krom gave a sales tip directly through Muujeeb to Voldema.
  8. Z isn't one of the languages used on the shortest path of communication from Fala Bett to YanChe.
  9. Neither Laird Alfred nor Voldema could speak directly with Romulus.