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Calling ZZZ Road Service
Car problems keep Zeke and his truck busy.
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June 16, 2003
Last Friday morning, Zeke of ZZZ Road Service answered calls to assist Mr. Leonard and four other motorists who were having car trouble. Each call was to a different street, with one to Old Mill Pike, and each was for a different make of auto, one for a Ford. Given Zeke's log entries below, can you put the calls in order 1st-5th: the person needing help, the street on which he or she was stranded, the make of car, and the problem requiring ZZZ Road Service?

  1. In addition to the 3rd service call, Zeke also responded to these four motorists' calls Friday morning (in no particular order): Miss Martin, the one stranded on Shadow Way, the person who had locked the keys in the car, and the Dodge owner.
  2. The call to aid Mrs. Johnson, which wasn't to Hornbeam Court, wasn't the one to jumpstart a dead battery.
  3. Immediately after working on the Toyota in trouble, ZZZ Road Service drove to the Honda needing help; the Honda wasn't his last call of the five.
  4. In consecutive order, Zeke aided Mr. Kelly, then assisted the motorist on Technical Drive, and then towed another's vehicle to a repair shop.
  5. Immediately after helping Mrs. Nixon, ZZZ assisted the Buick driver.
  6. Consecutively, these three service calls were made: the one to the out-of-gas vehicle, then the one to Randall Road, and then the one to assist Mrs. Johnson.
  7. Right after he completed the call to Hornbeam Court, which wasn't for the vehicle that was out of gas, Zeke changed a flat tire on another auto--not the Honda.
  8. The Toyota wasn't the car serviced on Technical Drive.
  9. Miss Martin and the Buick owner had their service paid for under their AAA memberships.

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