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Burgers & Fries for Lunch
T.G.I.F. is the time for Big Bill's Burgers & Fries.
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June 9, 2003
For lunch Friday, the five employees on duty at Gert's Gas & Go sent out to Big Bill's Burgers & Fries for lunch, with each ordering a different hamburger and a different kind of fries from the restaurant; no two spent the same amount of money on the meal. Given the menu items and prices below and the clues that follow, can you solve this difficult Logic Problem by finding how much each employee spent on lunch, his or her job at Gert's Gas & Go, and the hamburger and fries he or she ordered?

  The Works Burger       2.85        Big Fries         1.95
  Carolina PitBurger      2.75        Gravy Fries       1.75
  Tucson TacoBurger       2.45        Curly Fries       1.65
  Double CheeseBurger     2.25        Cheese Fries      1.35
  Whaler FishBurger       1.95        Cajun Fries       1.25

  1. Tom's meal cost $1.20 more than the car wash operator's lunch, which was more expensive than Sharon's.
  2. Wayne spent $1.20 more on his combo than the cashier did.
  3. The mechanic's hamburger cost 50¢ more than Russ's hamburger cost.
  4. The Gas & Go stock clerk, who isn't Vicky, didn't have the Curly Fries.
  5. The store manager isn't the one who ordered the Big Fries.

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