Lunch With the Teacher
Students bid on teacher-made lunches in today's puzzle.
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One of the highlights of last Thursday's Summerset Middle School fund-raising auction was Lunch With the Teacher, where each of five teachers, including Ms. Benson, offered to prepare and share a lunch this Tuesday with the winning student bidder. As it turned out, each lunch will contain a different kind of sandwich, a different type of fruit (one an apple), and a different dessert (one a Krispy Kreme donut) for the teacher and student to enjoy. At auction, the five lunches sold for five different bids. Can you solve this hard Logic Puzzle by determining how much each lunch sold for, the teacher who will make it, the subject he or she teaches, and the lunch contents: sandwich, fruit, and dessert?

  1. The lunch containing the peach isn't Mr. Eakins' and doesn't include the peanut butter sandwich.
  2. The phy ed teacher's lunch sold for twice as much as Mr. Armour's did.
  3. Three of the teachers--the English teacher, the one who is making tuna salad sandwiches, and the one who likes an orange for lunch--are taking their student buyers onto the playground for a picnic as an extra treat.
  4. Mr. Eakins' lunch sold for twice as much as the history teacher's lunch, which went for $1 more than the lunch offering a peanut butter sandwich.
  5. The lunch having M & M's for dessert, which isn't the phy ed teacher's, went for a higher bid than the one featuring grapes as fruit, which isn't the one offered by Mr. Deberg.
  6. At auction, 8th grader Lisa Lewis paid $3 more for Ms. Chavez' lunch than 7th grader Ben Micelli paid for the math teacher's.
  7. The chocolate cupcakes aren't the dessert in the phy ed teacher's lunch.
  8. The roast beef sandwich lunch went for twice the amount that the lunch with the peach did.
  9. Mr. Armour, who isn't the history teacher, isn't the one who is making ham & cheese sandwiches for lunch.
  10. The lunch containing the chocolate cupcake sold for $3 more than the science teacher's lunch, which isn't the one featuring the tuna salad sandwiches.
  11. The smoked turkey sandwiches and the Oreo cookies are in two different lunches.
  12. Neither Mr. Eakins nor the history teacher is bringing roast beef sandwiches for lunch.
  13. The lunch featuring vanilla pudding for dessert, which isn't the one being made by Ms. Chavez and doesn't have ham & cheese sandwiches in it, garnered a higher auction bid than the lunch containing the bananas.
  14. The five lunches netted Summerset Middle a total of $57, with the one selling for the least sum going for a bid of $6.