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Senior Superlatives
The seniors voted as "Most" by their classmates headline this hard Logic Problem.
May 19, 2003
All six yearbook Superlatives are given in clue 1: Most Likely to Succeed, the honor Ophelia won, the award the Walton girl won, the category in which Freddy won, the Ives boy's Superlative, and the "Most" for which Renee and Brad appear in the Sounder. By clue 8, the Zimmer girl and Jones boy were elected Best Athlete. Ophelia isn't the Zimmer girl (clue 11) and Freddy isn't the Jones boy (12); so, in clue 1, the Zimmer girl and Jones boy must be Renee and Brad. By clue 3, Paula and the Knight boy won the same honor. Since Freddy isn't the Knight boy (12), either Paula is the Walton girl in clue 1, or the pair was named Most Likely to Succeed. Trying the latter possibility, since Chad isn't the Knight boy (6) and Ophelia isn't the Truman girl (11), by clue 2, Chad and the Truman girl won the same "Most" and Chad would be the Ives boy. By clue 4, Derrick won for Dance Machine and the Walton girl did not, so Ophelia would have won the same sobriquet (1). Andy would be Knight and Paula Ulman (7). Evan would have been named in the same category as the Walton girl. Since Evan isn't the Levine boy (10), in clue 13, where Nina and the Levine boy won the same "Most," Freddy would be. However, Nina isn't the Valdez girl (9) and couldn't be the Yardley girl (12), so this arrangement fails. In clue 3, then, Paula is the Walton girl; and she and the Knight boy were named the same "Most." Then Knight isn't Derrick (4), Chad (6), or Andy (7) and is Evan. The Truman girl and Chad won the same honor (2). Since the Truman girl isn't Ophelia (11), either Chad is Ives or the pair won for Most Likely to Succeed. Trying the latter case, the Yardley girl didn't win the same Superlative as the Ives boy (5) or Freddy (12) and would be Ophelia. By clue 7, then, Andy won the same honor as the Ulman girl and would be Ives. Dance Machines would be Derrick (4) and Ophelia. Freddy and the Valdez girl would share the same Superlative. Since Nina isn't the Valdez girl (9), she would be Truman and Chad Levine (13). By clue 9, Derrick would be Grace and Freddy Harmon. Monica would be Ulman and Samantha Valdez (14). However, since neither the Ulman girl and Andy (7), Evan (10), nor Samantha (15) won the title as Funniest Senior, this arrangement fails. So, by clue 2, Chad won the same award as the Truman girl and is the Ives boy. By clue 13, Nina and the Levine boy won the same title. If the Levine boy were Freddy, Nina couldn't be the Yardley girl (12) and isn't the Valdez girl (9), so she would be the Ulman girl--whose co-winner is Andy (7). So Nina and the Levine boy won for Most Likely to Succeed (1). By clue 4, the female Dance Machine matching Derrick is Ophelia. By elimination, then, Andy is Levine; so Nina is Ulman (7). By clue 12, Freddy's female co-winner is the Valdez girl; and Ophelia is Yardley. Derrick is Grace (9) and Freddy Harmon. By clue 14, Monica is the Truman girl and Samantha is Valdez. Samantha and Freddy won the Senior Superlative for Brightest Eyes (15). By clue 10, Evan was named Would Like Most to Have as a Friend, and Chad and Monica won as Funniest. The six Senior Superlative winners are as follows:

  • Most Likely to Succeed: Nina Ulman & Andy Levine
  • Best Athlete: Renee Zimmer & Brad Jones
  • Dance Machine: Ophelia Yardley & Derrick Grace
  • Brightest Eyes: Samantha Valdez & Freddy Harmon
  • Funniest: Monica Truman & Chad Ives
  • Like Most to Have as a Friend: Paula Walton & Evan Knight

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