Senior Superlatives
The seniors voted as "Most" by their classmates headline this hard Logic Problem.
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In the Senior Superlatives section of the Sounder yearbook, 12 Summerset High seniors are featured as "Most"s, with a different girl and boy elected by the class as the honoree in each of the six categories; one pair won for Brightest Eyes. Given the yearbook data below, can you find the full names of each girl and boy named for each Senior Superlative?

  1. The six Senior Superlative categories are Most Likely to Succeed, the honor Ophelia won, the award the Walton girl won, the category in which Freddy won, the Ives boy's Superlative, and the "Most" for which Renee and Brad appear in the Sounder.
  2. The Truman girl and Chad were named the same "Most."
  3. Paula and the Knight boy won in the same category.
  4. Derrick is Summerset High's male Dance Machine; the Walton girl doesn't share that honor.
  5. The Yardley girl and the Ives boy didn't win the same honor.
  6. Chad and the Knight boy are going to attend Cozy Valley College.
  7. The Ulman girl and Andy won the same Senior Superlative title, but not the honor as Funniest.
  8. The Zimmer girl and Jones boy were named Best Athletes by the class.
  9. The Valdez girl, who isn't Nina, and the Grace boy won in different "Most" categories.
  10. Honoree Evan, who isn't Levine, thinks he's a funny guy, but his classmates did not vote him Funniest boy.
  11. Ophelia, the Truman girl, and Ms. Zimmer all will attend Westham University in the fall.
  12. Freddy, who isn't Jones or Knight, and the Yardley girl won different Senior Superlative honors.
  13. Nina and the Levine boy shared one "Most" category.
  14. Monica and the Harmon boy were chosen in different categories.
  15. Samantha's honor wasn't as either Funniest or Would Like Most to Have As a Friend.