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Minor League Managers
Veteran skippers lead Smashers' young prospects.
May 12, 2003
From the introduction, the Summerset Smashers have five minor league teams in AAA, AA, High A, Low A, and Rookie leagues, going from highest to lowest classification. All five managers are named in clue 1: Leo, Moon, the manager of El Paso, the manager of the Blasters, and the one who manages the Rookie league team. By clue 9, Charlie isn't the Rookie league team skipper; and by clue 13, Charlie isn't Moon and doesn't lead the Blasters. In clue 1, Charlie manages the El Paso squad. By clue 2, Jones isn't Leo. By clue 6, Jones doesn't manage the Rookie league team; and by clues 6 and 9, Jones isn't Charlie. In clue 1, then, Jones leads the Blasters affiliate. Since Charlie manages El Paso, by clues 4 and 6, El Paso's nickname is the Pilots. Among clues 4, 6, and 9, we now have managers of three teams in consecutive classifications from highest to lowest: Jones of the Blasters, Charlie of the El Paso Pilots, and the manager of the Red Devils. By clue 3, the Maulers are one league higher than the team Barney leads. Since Barney isn't Jones (clue 3), the two in clue 3 must be separate from the three already found, with either the Maulers or the Blasters the AAA team. If the Maulers were the AAA team, then Barney would manage the AA squad, Jones the High A team, and Charlie the Low A team with the Red Devils in the Rookie class. The team in Santa Fe is one notch higher than the team Leo manages (7). Given the arrangement now being tried, Leo would have to be Jones--no (2). So, the Blasters are the AAA team, Charlie manages the AA squad, the Red Devils are the High A affiliate, the Maulers are the Low A team, and Barney leads the Rookie league team, who must be the Heat. By clue 7, the Red Devils are in Santa Fe; and Leo manages the Maulers. By clue 1, Moon manages the Santa Fe Red Devils. By clue 12, Johnny manages the Red Devils, with the AAA Akron team then tutored by Sparky. The Maulers are in Duluth and the Heat in Hilton Head (5). Flynn doesn't manage El Paso (8) or Hilton Head (11) and is Leo. By clue 10, Charlie is Brown and Barney Hall. In sum, the Smashers minor league affiliates are managed as follows:

  • AAA - Akron Blasters by Sparky Jones
  • AA - El Paso Pilots by Charlie Brown
  • High A - Santa Fe Red Devils by Johnny Moon
  • Low A - Duluth Maulers by Leo Flynn
  • Rookie - Hilton Head Heat by Barney Hall

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