Minor League Managers
Veteran skippers lead Smashers' young prospects.
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The Summerset Smashers baseball team develops major league stars through its five minor league affiliates, one each in classes AAA, AA, High A, Low A, and Rookie going from highest to lowest. Each farm team is in a different city and has a different nickname, and each is managed by a different baseball veteran picked for his knowledge of the game and ability to teach young players. Given the scorecard below, can you solve this minor league Logic Puzzle by scoring the league classification, city, nickname, and manager (one first name is Sparky, one last name is Hall) of each Smashers affiliate?

  1. The five managers are Leo, Moon, the manager of the El Paso team, the manager of the Blasters, and the one who leads the Rookie league squad.
  2. Leo and Jones played together on the Smashers major league team.
  3. The Maulers are one class higher than the team led by Barney, who isn't Jones.
  4. The Blasters are one league higher than the El Paso affiliate.
  5. The Duluth team isn't the team nicknamed the Heat.
  6. Jones' team is one class higher than the Pilots.
  7. The team in Santa Fe is one league higher than the team Leo manages.
  8. Flynn isn't the manager for the AA franchise.
  9. Charlie's charges are in a league one class higher than that of the Red Devils.
  10. Brown and the Heat manager are especially adept at developing pitchers.
  11. The manager of the Smashers' Hilton Head affiliate isn't Flynn.
  12. The Akron minor league franchise is in a higher league than the team Johnny leads.
  13. Charlie, who isn't Moon, doesn't manage the Blasters squad.