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The Baby Doctor
Can you schedule Dr. Johnson's baby-busy morning?
May 5, 2003
By clue 7, Dr. Johnson saw infant Chad at 10:00, the middle appointment of the five. By clue 1, Dr. Johnson saw Beth and then the Majors baby, while by clue 6, he saw the Nash baby and then Alice. Since Beth is 2 months older than the Majors infant (1) and Alice is 2 months older than the Nash infant (6), Beth can't be the Nash baby and Alice be the Majors infant (the only way possible to combine the two clues), so four different babies are named between the two clues. Since Chad is neither the Majors nor the Nash baby (7), either Dr. Johnson saw Beth at 9:00 and the Nash child at 10:30, or he saw the Nash child at 9:00 and Beth at 10:30. Trying the latter case, he would have examined Alice at 10:00 (6) and the Majors baby at 11:00 (1). By clue 4, Alice would be 3 months old, with the Nash baby then 1 month old. However, neither Erica (2) nor David (3) could be the Nash infant, so this arrangement cannot work. Dr. Johnson's 9:00 patient was Beth, with the Majors baby his 9:30 (1); and he saw the Nash infant at 10:30 and Alice at 11:00 (6). The Majors baby is 3 months (4) and Beth 5 months (1) old. By clue 3, David is the Nash child and Chad the 1-month-old. Erica is the Majors baby. By clue 6, David Nash is 2 and Alice 4 months old. Beth is neither the Luce (5) nor Prior (8) infant and is the Ortiz baby. Chad's surname is Luce and Alice's Prior (8). In sum, Dr. Johnson saw the five babies as follows:

  • 9:00 - Beth Ortiz, 5 months
  • 9:30 - Erica Majors, 3 months
  • 10:00 - Chad Luce, 1 month
  • 10:30 - David Nash, 2 months
  • 11:00 - Alice Prior, 4 months

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