The Tulip Circle
A colorful target of tulips means a medium Logic Puzzle.
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One of the highlights of the Rainbow Garden Spring Festival is the Tulip Circle, where five rings of showy blooms planted on a bank make a colorful target. Each of the rings, which go from outermost ring 1 to bull's-eye ring 5, is made up of one variety of tulip and was contributed by a different Rainbow Garden Club member, with one ring planted by Flowers. Given the clues that follow, can you find the tulip variety in each ring 1-5 and the full name of the tulip lover who planted it?

  1. Maureen isn't the person who planted the All Gold tulips, nor the one who did the Fire Queen ring.
  2. Bloom's contribution to the Tulip Circle isn't ring 2.
  3. In the rings, the White Duchess tulips are inside those planted by Spade but outside the bulbs Carmen put in the ground.
  4. Maureen and Plant have both lived in the Netherlands, the center of the world's tulip industry.
  5. Jimmy's choice for the Tulip Circle wasn't the All Golds.
  6. The ring of China Pink tulips is inside the ring done by Maureen but outside the ring planted by Waters.
  7. Carmen, Diana, and Waters worked together to plant their bulbs.
  8. Diana isn't the member who contributed ring 3 to the Circle.
  9. The Blue Parrot ring is inside the ring of tulips contributed by Plant but outside the ring done by Diana.
  10. Oscar and Spade cultivated the bulbs they gave to the Tulip Circle.