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They're Going to College
High school seniors receive thick admissions envelopes from their colleges of choice.
April 7, 2003
From the introduction, three girls--Hannah, Jenny, Kristen--and three boys--Andy, Brian, Edward--rank 1st-6th academically in the Summerset High School senior class. By clue 1, Ms. Rusk ranks 1st and the one going to Duke ranks 2nd; while by clue 6, Mr. Vance ranks 5th and the Princeton admittee ranks 6th. Since Ms. Rusk isn't going to attend Stanford (clue 8), by clues 1 and 4, the Stanford admittee ranks 3rd or 4th in the class; since Hannah can't be 5th-ranking Mr. Vance (6), the Stanford admittee must rank 3rd, with Hannah then 4th and Stone 6th (4, 6). By clue 5, Mr. Worth must be the 2nd ranked student going to Duke, and Andy the 3rd-ranked Stanford admittee. With the three boys now accounted for, Stone must be one of the female students. By clue 7, therefore, Jenny is Ms. Rusk and Brian Mr. Worth. Then Edward is Mr. Vance and Kristen Stone. Ms. Young (3) is Hannah, so Andy's last name is Trent. Neither Hannah Young (3) nor Jenny (7) will attend MIT, so Edward will. By clue 2, Jenny is going to Harvard and Hannah to Rice. The six students (listed in class rank order 1st-6th) will attend college as follows:

  • Jenny Rusk, Harvard
  • Brian Worth, Duke
  • Andy Trent, Stanford
  • Hannah Young, Rice
  • Edward Vance, MIT
  • Kristen Stone, Princeton

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