The Draft
Rotisserie league teams draft baseball superstars in this Challenger Logic Problem.
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Last Saturday, the eight men, including Palmer, who own teams in the Burbs Rotisserie League drafted players for the 2003 season. In the first round, each owner picked a baseball superstar to lead his team. From the scoreboard below, can you chart in order 1st-8th the first-round selections: the player, the name of the team selecting him (one Burbs Rotisserie League team is the Osaka Samurai), and the full name of the team's owner?

  1. The Mexico City Diablos, who aren't Keaton's team, didn't get Curt Schilling in the first round.
  2. In consecutive order, Hal made his choice, another owner then picked Texas Rangers star Alex Rodriguez, and the Caracas Crash next made their pick.
  3. In the 2002 Burbs League season, Frank finished first and Lemon second.
  4. Ben and Keaton are the two original members of the league.
  5. Chad drafted immediately ahead of Dan, who isn't Mixer.
  6. These three owners picked in consecutive first-to-last order: the man who manages the Mexico City team, the one who selected Vladimir Guerrero with his first round pick, and Ed.
  7. Hal isn't the one who picked Arizona ace Curt Schilling.
  8. Neither the Caracas Crash nor the Seoul Jets is owned by Keaton.
  9. Greg's team is neither the Beijing Ducks nor the Seoul Jets.
  10. Neither Ben nor Ed got Alex Rodriguez to play shortstop for him.
  11. Art picked earlier in the first round than the Vancouver Mounties owner, who drafted earlier than Quarry.
  12. Neither Ben nor Ed picked 3rd in the first round.
  13. Frank's selection was neither Montreal Expos star Vladimir Guerrero nor Arizona Diamondbacks strikeout artist Randy Johnson.
  14. Curt Schilling was selected immediately after the player Ben picked; Ben had the pick immediately after that of the Tokyo Fighting Carp owner.
  15. Nixon drafted earlier in the round than Jenkins, who isn't the man who got New York Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi for his squad.
  16. Vladimir Guerrero isn't on the Caracas Crash roster.
  17. Frank made his pick immediately after another owner took Sammy Sosa and immediately before Keaton drafted his first player for 2003.
  18. The San Juan Roughriders aren't owned by Quarry.
  19. Oswalt, who isn't the Vancouver Mounties owner, made his selection immediately after Barry Bonds was picked by another man.
  20. The Beijing Ducks, who aren't Art's team, didn't get Alex Rodriguez as their first-round draft pick.
  21. Mixer made his pick immediately before another owner drafted Jason Giambi.
  22. Jenkins and the owner who took Pedro Martinez for his team treated the others to pizza after the draft.