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March Madness Picks
Local sportscasters predict the winner and loser of the 2003 NCAA championship game.
March 24, 2003
The five sportscasters are given in clue 1: Bob, the one on KPAS-TV, the channel 11 personality, the one who picks Arizona to win the championship game, and the man who picks Texas to lose in the final. The sportscaster who picks Texas to win it all must then be Bob, the channel 11 announcer, or the one from KPAS-TV. If Bob were the one to pick Texas to win, by clue 5, Bob wouldn't pick Arizona to lose. Since the one who picks Arizona to lose in the championship game isn't the KPAS-TV sportscaster (clue 12), the channel 11 man would be picking Arizona to lose. By clue 5, then, the channel 13 sportscaster who picks neither Texas nor Arizona to reach the final game would have to be on KPAS-TV--no (12). So, Bob doesn't pick Texas to win the NCAA title. If the channel 11 man were picking Texas to win the championship, since no one picks Texas over Arizona in the game (5) and since the KPAS-TV man doesn't pick Arizona as the final game loser (12), Bob would have the Arizona Wildcats losing the game. By clue 5, then, channel 13 would be KPAS-TV, which it isn't, however (12). So, the channel 11 sportscaster doesn't pick Texas as national champion; the KPAS-TV announcer does. By clue 5, none of the five has Arizona losing to Texas, so either Bob or the channel 11 man has Arizona losing. If Bob has Arizona losing, however, there is no way for channel 13 in clue 5 to fit; therefore, the channel 11 sportscaster picks Arizona to lose in the title game. By clue 5, Bob is on channel 13. Dave doesn't have Texas as his final game winner (8); by clue 2, therefore, Dave picks Kentucky to lose to Arizona in the NCAA championship game. Since no two men pick the same two teams to reach the final game (intro), the channel 11 sportscaster can't have Kentucky as his March Madness victor. If the man who picks Texas to be the runner-up team has Kentucky to win it all, since Bob doesn't pick Pittsburgh as champs (11), Bob would have Oklahoma winning and the channel 11 guy would have Pittsburgh winning the title. However, by clue 6, Iverson picks Oklahoma to win--but Iverson isn't Bob (11). So, Bob must be the one who picks Kentucky as NCAA champion. By clue 9, Kentucky and Pittsburgh both can't reach the final game; so Bob has Kentucky winning over Oklahoma. Then the KPAS-TV sportscaster has Pittsburgh losing to Texas. Since no two men pick the same two teams to reach the final game (intro), Pittsburgh is the channel 11 man's choice as champion, with Iverson having Oklahoma winning (6) over Texas. By clue 3, channel 7 is Dave's TV home. By clue 13, O'Neal is neither Dave nor Bob; by clue 7, then, O'Neal is on KFUL-TV, channel 11. KPAS-TV is channel 5 (4), and Iverson is on channel 2. Alan isn't Iverson (4) or O'Neal (15) and is on KPAS-TV. By clue 7, Ed is Iverson and Chris O'Neal. Bryant isn't Dave (2) or Alan (10) and is Bob. By clue 14, Alan is Malone and Dave Jordan. KBAL-TV is Ed Iverson's on-air home (16). By clue 14, Bob is on KORT-TV and Dave on KMON-TV. In sum, the Summerset television sportscasters' picks for the 2003 March Madness final game are

  • Ed Iverson on KBAL-TV, channel 2, Oklahoma over Texas
  • Alan Malone on KPAS-TV, channel 5, Texas over Pittsburgh
  • Dave Jordan on KMON-TV, channel 7, Arizona over Kentucky
  • Chris O'Neal on KFUL-TV, channel 11, Pittsburgh over Arizona
  • Bob Bryant on KORT-TV, channel 13, Kentucky over Oklahoma

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