"The Engagement"
Who wins the hand of Chrissie in the Real TV series.
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On the just-ended TV program "The Engagement," Chrissie Unwed found the man of her dreams from the 24 bachelors who started the competition. Eighteen of the men were eliminated after the first four episodes, so that six men remained in the "The Engagement" competition going into the 5th show; one was eliminated at the end of each of the 5th-9th programs, and the winner got engaged to Chrissie during the 10th show. Given the TV guide below, can you solve the Logic Puzzle by finding who was rejected at the end of each of the 5th-9th shows and who won Chrissie's heart: his full name (one first name is Jamie), city of residence (one is from Houston), and occupation?

  1. In no particular order, the last three "The Engagement" contestants were Kevin, the waiter, and the man from Phoenix.
  2. Alex was eliminated by Chrissie on the program immediately after the one where the Omaha resident was rejected.
  3. Mr. Hart isn't the man who lives in San Diego.
  4. Neither the sheriff's deputy nor the waiter is from Tampa.
  5. At the end of one episode, Chrissie eliminated Mr. Short because there was "no spark between them"; at the end of the very next show, she rejected the flight attendant because, she said, "I really like you but I'm not in love with you."
  6. Three of the contestants--Alex, Mr. Witt, and the dentist--had their single dates with Chrissie at favorite restaurants.
  7. On three consecutive programs, Chrissie eliminated Peter, then the pharmacist, and then the Tampa resident.
  8. On the next program after the sheriff's deputy was rejected, Mr. Hart was eliminated from the "The Engagement" competition.
  9. The golf pro and the contestant from Indianapolis wrote poems they recited to Chrissie during one episode.
  10. The program after she eliminated Mr. Witt, Chrissie rejected the man who lives in San Diego.
  11. Charlie, Roger, and Mr. Frey have also appeared on the television program "Blind Date," where all three won.
  12. Mr. Burke, who isn't Charlie, and the Indianapolis resident never thought they would make it to the round of six.
  13. The pharmacist, who isn't Alex, isn't the man from Phoenix.
  14. Chrissie eliminated Mr. Gray on one episode, then rejected the dentist on the next show.