"American Star"
Five singers audition to go to New York City for the finals.
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Last week, the TV show "American Star" held auditions in Summerset to pick a singer for the New York City finals. Five local people--three women (Jenna, Kendra, Maria) and two men (Randy, Wayne)--tried out, with one winning the trip. The others were told by judge Sidney Smartly that they lacked the necessary talent, with one being told, "That was simply horrid." Given the audition information below, can you solve this easier Logic Puzzle by finding each singer's full name, the song he or she chose for the audition, and what Sidney said about his or her effort?

  1. Neither Jenna nor Hammond is the one who performed the Elvis hit, "The Wonder of You."
  2. Sidney asked the man who sang Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean," "This is a joke, right?"
  3. Neither Branch nor the person who sang Debbie Boone's "You Light Up My Life" is the winner who heard Sidney shout, "You're going to New York City."
  4. Randy isn't the one Sidney told, "You are the absolutely worst singer I have ever heard."
  5. Neither Maria nor Mr. Dixon is the one who chose Garth Brooks' "The Dance" for the audition.
  6. Kendra, who isn't Hammond, isn't the one who won the trip to the New York finals.
  7. Lemon isn't the performer whom Sidney dubbed "the absolutely worst singer."
  8. Jenna, who didn't sing "The Dance, and Ms. Goode also have tried out for the Fox hit "American Idol."
  9. The person who sang "The Wonder of You," who isn't Dixon, didn't have the dubious honor of being Sidney's "absolutely worst singer."
  10. The winner of the trip to New York didn't sing "The Dance."
  11. Jenna isn't the person to whom Sidney said, "I don't know which I find most offensive--your voice or your selection of costume"
  12. Ms. Goode sang Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water."