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Take a Trip With the Teacher
Fun days out go to the highest bidders in this hard Logic Puzzle.
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March 3, 2003
Among the highlights of Sunset Beach Elementary's annual Auction Night this weekend were five fun excursions, each offered to the highest bidder by a different teacher, one by Ms. Lopez. Given the clues below, can you find how much money each teacher's trip raised for the school: the amount, the teacher's name and the grade she teaches, and where the trip will go?

  1. Ms. Goldman's excursion brought the school twice as much money as the 1st grade teacher's.
  2. Ms. Bradley isn't the one offering the trip to the S & O Train Museum, including a ride on the steam train and lunch in the dining car.
  3. The night at a Swishers' pro basketball game, complete with snacks and souvenirs, got a final bid $50 higher than Ms. Wells' trip did.
  4. The whitewater rafting trip on the Conemach River, which isn't the one the 1st grade teacher put up for bids, took in $100 more than the excursion offered by the 3rd grade teacher.
  5. The train ride on the S & O went for twice as much as the excursion put up by the 2nd grade teacher.
  6. Ms. Culpepper and the 4th grade teacher originally had the same idea for a trip, so Ms. Culpepper came up with the new trip which she sold.
  7. Ms. Bradley's trip cost its buyer twice as much as Saturday at the Aquarium, including swimming with the dolphins, cost its buyer; the Aquarium trip isn't the one the 5th grade teacher offered for sale.
  8. Ms. Goldman isn't the one who is taking the high bidder and guests to the Swishers game.
  9. The day at Buster and Davy's entertainment center, lunch included, didn't bring in the most money for the school.
  10. The five trips raised a total of $1800 in the bidding, with the least final bid for a trip being $150.

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