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The E-Mails
Five e-mails from friends make the computer homework go faster and this a challenger Logic Puzzle.
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February 24, 2003
Last evening, between signing on her computer at 9:00 and off at 9:55 to work on her C++ programming class, Carly received five e-mails, each from a different friend, including Tara. Each friend has a different SID, with one being cheer1, and uses a different mail host; each e-mail was about a different subject, with one being about the latest Eminem video. Given the timing info below, can you determine at what time each e-mail arrived (times are in whole minutes) and who sent each, her SID and mail host and the topic of her e-mail to Carly?

  1. The shortest interval between consecutive e-mails was 8 mins.
  2. The friend who uses justinfan as her SID isn't the one who e-mailed the latest boy-girl gossip.
  3. The e-mail with the address, which arrived at 9:50, wasn't the one about math homework.
  4. The time between Alicia's e-mail and the one reminding Carly to watch a TV show at 10 was twice that of the time between the e-mail from the girl with as her mailing host and the one reminding her about the TV show.
  5. Marci, who didn't send the gossipy e-mail, sent an earlier e-mail than the friend who uses
  6. The e-mail about the upcoming dance, which didn't come over, arrived 9 mins. after the e-mail that preceded it.
  7. Four e-mails were as follows: the interval between the e-mail from sweetsound and the one which followed it and asked for homework help was twice the interval between Jenny's e-mail and its immediate successor, the one sent using
  8. Emily's e-mail came next after lilone's, with 16 mins. between them.
  9. The girl who calls herself volleyballr didn't send the e-mail about the TV show and isn't the one who uses as a mail host.

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