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The Vending Machines
Trace the trail of Stu Snackerman as he services his machines.
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February 17, 2003
Last Friday, Stu Snackerman finished his vending machine route by servicing the five machines, one on each floor 1st-5th, in the Summerset Professional Building. Each machine sells a different product--one sells ice cream--and is located in the offices of a different company. From the clues below, can you trace Stu's Friday trail and determine the order in which the machines were serviced: the product sold by the machine, the name of the company in whose spaces the machine sits, the type of business the company does (one is an insurance agency), and the floor on which the machine and company are located? (Note: The floors are numbered 1st-5th in the American fashion, so that the 1st floor is the ground floor.)

  1. Including going from his van to the first machine and returning to his van from the last machine, Stu went up in the elevator twice and down in the elevator four times in visiting each of the five machines once.
  2. The candy machine isn't the one in the advertising agency's spaces.
  3. The sandwich vending machine isn't the one on the 1st floor.
  4. Stu serviced these three machines consecutively first-to-last: the one in Wes Westerfield, Inc.'s spaces, the one on the 4th floor, and the one in the offices of the advertising agency.
  5. Immediately after servicing the machine in the Moon & Beam offices, Stu restocked the almost empty candy machine.
  6. Stu serviced the machine in the attorneys' offices, then filled the one in the Milton Frobischer spaces; the one in the Milton Frobischer offices isn't the soda machine.
  7. Immediately before visiting the machine in the Harvard Bros. offices, Stu serviced the machine on the 3rd floor.
  8. Immediately after servicing the machine in the Delay & Sons offices, Stu restocked the sandwich vending machine.
  9. Wes Westerfield, Inc. are not the attorneys-at-law.
  10. Immediately after refilling the machine in the real estate office, Stu took the elevator down to the offices where he serviced the machine selling sundries.
  11. Harvard Bros. are not the accountants, who also have one of Stu's machines.
  12. The soda machine isn't on the 5th floor.

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