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A Ride on the Rocky Railroad
Steam through the scenic towns of the Old West.
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February 10, 2003
The historic Rocky Railroad features a restored steam engine that pulls 1860's passenger cars over the most scenic rail route in the West. The Rocky runs a total of 58 miles from the town of Dillinger to Copperfield in the high country, with stops at five other towns, including Fort Ford, along the way. Tourists frequently disembark en route to visit a noted tourist attraction in each of the five stops. Given the schedule below, can you steam to a Logic Problem solution by finding the order of the stations (each town and its main tourist attraction) going from Dillinger to Copperfield and the distance of each of the six legs (Dillinger-1st town, 1st-2nd town, ..., 5th town-Copperfield) en route?

  1. No two legs are the same distance; the longest leg is 16 miles.
  2. The famous trading post isn't in the town of Salt Lick.
  3. Carlswell isn't home to the popular rattlesnake ranch.
  4. One leg of the Dillinger-Copperfield journey is 8 miles long.
  5. The distance of the leg that goes from Salt Lick to the town where the caverns are located is twice that of the leg going from Houray to the home of the rattlesnake ranch.
  6. The distance from Carlswell to the next town is 10 miles more than the distance from Dillinger to the 1st stop.
  7. After stopping in the town where the world-famous trading post is located, the Rocky Railroad covers 10 miles before stopping at the next station in Triple Creek.
  8. It is 4 miles from the town where tourists enjoy going into a gold mine to the town that attracts tourists because it is a ghost town.

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