The Retirement Dinner
The Western Widget Co. honors Herb Herbert for his career.
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To honor retiring VP for Production Herb Herbert, the Western Widget Co. had a retirement dinner at which six of the company executives, including the VP for Sales, spoke of Herb's achievements. The six speakers--three men (Barry, Randy, and Stan) and three women (Joan, Kate, and Wendy)--sat at the head table with Herb and his wife Harriet, with the eight chairs designated A->H left-to-right facing the table; Herb sat in chair D and Harriet next to him in E. From the clues below, can you determine the full name (one surname is Keaton) and job title of each person honoring Herb, the order 1st-6th in which the six spoke, and the seating arrangement at the head table?

  1. The eight were seated at the head table in alternating man-woman order. The men and women also alternated in the speaking order.
  2. Stan, who isn't Jenner, sat next to the VP for Technology.
  3. Singer didn't have one of the end chairs at the head table.
  4. The person who spoke 4th sat next to (between) Kate and the Western Widget Co.'s CEO.
  5. Barry, who isn't Rock, and the Senior Engineer entertained with stories about some of Herb's little mistakes through the years.
  6. The company CFO was seated next to Harriet Herbert.
  7. The executives who spoke 2nd and 3rd had chairs next to each other.
  8. Wendy sat next to (between) Dorn and the Senior Engineer.
  9. Joan and Jenner will miss their daily brown bag lunch with Herb.
  10. These three honored Herb in consecutive order: the VP for Human Resources spoke, followed by Barry and then Walker.
  11. Mr. Rock and Western Widget's Senior Engineer both started at the company the same year that Herb did.