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Live and In Person at the Super Bowl
Super seats for super fans at Super Bowl XXXVII in All-Star Puzzles' Super Logic Puzzle.
January 27, 2003
The Metamucil Pinpoint Passing winners were seated next to each other in Club Section 7, seats 10A-10E. By clue 2, Wayne sat between Holder and the New Orleans Saints fan; while by clue 6, Fred sat between Downs and the Tennessee Titans fan. So, either Wayne and Fred sat next to each other or sat flanking the man in seat 10C. If they had sat next to each other, since Fred isn't Holder (clue 9), Fred would be the Saints fan. However, he sat next to the Titans fan (6), conflicting with clue 10. So, Wayne and Fred had the seats flanking 10C. By clue 2, the person who had seat 10C is either Holder or the Saints fan. Trying Holder first, the Saints fan would have sat in an end seat next to Wayne (2), Downs would have been in the end seat next to Fred, and Holder would be the Titans fan (6). By clue 3, Flagg sat next to the Minnesota Vikings fan. Then Flagg would be Fred or the Saints fan. If Flagg were Fred, Downs would be the Vikings fan; however, the Washington Redskins fan sat in an end seat (4), which would not be possible under this arrangement. If Flagg were the Saints fan and Wayne then the Vikings fan, by clue 4, Downs would be the Redskins follower and Fred then the Pittsburgh Steelers fan--no (9). Therefore, Holder cannot be the winner who had seat 10C, and the New Orleans Saints fan is. Holder sat in the end seat next to Wayne (2). By clue 6, the Saints fan is Downs; and the Titans follower sat in the end seat next to Fred. Holder is the Redskins fan (4). By clue 3, Flagg is the Titans follower and Fred the Vikings. By elimination, Wayne cheers for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Wayne is Mr. Runner and Fred Block (5). Carl isn't Redskins fan Holder (4) or Flagg (8) and is Downs. By clue 1, John is Holder and Ralph Flagg. Since Ralph didn't sit in seat 10A (7), John did, with Wayne in 10B, Carl in 10C, Fred in 10D, and Ralph in 10E. The winners of the Pinpoint Passing contest were seated at yesterday's Super Bowl as follows:

  • 10A - John Holder, Washington Redskins
  • 10B - Wayne Runner, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 10C - Carl Downs, New Orleans Saints
  • 10D - Fred Block, Minnesota Vikings
  • 10E - Ralph Flagg, Tennessee Titans

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