Live and In Person at the Super Bowl
Super seats for super fans at Super Bowl XXXVII in All-Star Puzzles' Super Logic Puzzle.
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At yesterday's Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego, the five winners of the Metamucil Pinpoint Passing contest enjoyed a great view of the game from their seats in Club Section 7 of Qualcomm Stadium. The five, who had adjacent seats 10A-10E, were excited to be at the event, even though none has the Oakland Raiders or Tampa Bay Buccaneers as his favorite team. From the clues that follow, you should be able to tackle the problem of who sat in each seat 10A-10E: the winner's full name (one surname is Runner) and his personal favorite NFL squad.

  1. John and the Tennessee Titans fan were the top scorers in the Pinpoint Passing event, both hitting the target from 45 yards away.
  2. At the game, Wayne sat next to (between) Mr. Holder and the New Orleans Saints fan.
  3. Flagg and the Minnesota Vikings follower had adjacent seats.
  4. The Washington Redskins fan, who had one of the end seats, told Carl he was glad to be in San Diego instead of in unseasonably cold D.C.
  5. Block and the Pittsburgh Steelers fan both cheered for the Bucs during the game.
  6. Fred's seat was next to (between) those of Mr. Downs and the Titans follower.
  7. Ralph didn't have seat 10A.
  8. Carl and Flagg bought souvenirs to take home to their grandchildren.
  9. Fred, who isn't Holder, isn't a fan of the Steelers.
  10. The Saints fan and the Titans fan didn't sit next to each other during Super Bowl XXXVII.