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Rating New Restaurants
Several new Summerset restaurants draw rave reviews.
January 20, 2003
From the introduction, Sentinel food critic Geoff Gourmet gave each of the five new restaurants a different number of Forks, from 1-5. The restaurant receiving 1 Fork isn't the Tuileries (clue 1), El Azteca (5), or McGraw's (9) and is either the Blue Oyster or Ribsies. Trying the Blue Oyster, by clue 3, Chef Primo's establishment would have received 3 Forks. Since Primo isn't Ribsies' chef (11), by clue 7, Robert's restaurant would have gotten 4 Forks and Ribsies 2. Since Eric isn't Primo (6), by clue 9, Primo would be chef at McGraw's and Eric at Ribsies. Tuileries would be the 4-Fork restaurant, and Anthony would be Primo (1). The 5-Fork El Azteca would be Maurice's restaurant (8)--no (2). So, Blue Oyster isn't the restaurant Gourmet gave 1 Fork; Ribsies is. Then Robert is chef at the 3-Fork eatery (7). By clue 3, Chef Primo heads either the 5- or the 4-Fork restaurant. If his were the 5-Fork one, Robert would be chef at the Blue Oyster (3). Neither the Tuileries (1) nor McGraw's (9) could be the 4-Fork restaurant, so El Azteca would be. However, Blue Oyster chef Robert would be LaBelle (5), contradicting clue 10. Therefore, Primo is chef at the restaurant with the 4-Fork rating, and Gourmet gave the Blue Oyster 2 Forks (3). Since Primo isn't Eric (6), by clue 9, McGraw's is the 3-Fork restaurant and Eric chef at the Blue Oyster. The Tuileries is the 5-Fork restaurant, and Anthony is Primo (1). By elimination, El Azteca garnered 4 Forks; and Robert is LaBelle (5). Maurice is chef at the Tuileries (8) and Charles at Ribsies. Charles is Chef Bunker (4). Maurice is Lopes and Eric Candy (12). Geoff Gourmet's ratings of the five new Summerset restaurants are

  • 5 Forks - Tuileries, Chef Maurice Lopes
  • 4 Forks - El Azteca, Chef Anthony Primo
  • 3 Forks - McGraw's, Chef Robert LaBelle
  • 2 Forks - Blue Oyster, Chef Eric Candy
  • 1 Fork - Ribsies, Chef Charles Bunker

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