Rating New Restaurants
Several new Summerset restaurants draw rave reviews.
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In yesterday's Summerset Sentinel, food critic Geoff Gourmet reviewed five new area restaurants, including one opened by Chef Bunker. Each of the five ended up receiving a different number, from 1-5, of Forks, with critic Gourmet gushing over the food prepared by the chefs at the 5- and 4-Fork eateries. Given the menu below, can you find how many Forks each restaurant received and the full name of the chef at each?

  1. The new French restaurant Tuileries received one more Fork than the one where Anthony is chef.
  2. On his night off, Maurice enjoys the mole at rival El Azteca.
  3. Geoff Gourmet gave the Blue Oyster two fewer Forks than he gave the establishment where Chef Primo commands the kitchen.
  4. Charles, Chef Candy, and Chef Lopes all are graduates of the Shallot Academy of Fine Food.
  5. Chef LaBelle's restaurant is rated one Fork lower than El Azteca.
  6. Eric once worked as sous-chef to Mr. Primo.
  7. Robert's food rated two more Forks than the fare at Ribsies, which Gourmet praised as a best value restaurant.
  8. Maurice's restaurant isn't the 1-Fork one.
  9. McGraw's, a steak house, received one more Fork than Eric's eatery.
  10. LaBelle isn't chef at the Blue Oyster.
  11. Ribsies' kitchen isn't where Chef Primo plies his skills.
  12. Chef Candy's restaurant isn't the 5-Fork one.