Dare to Ski
Skiers dare each other to challenge the runs at Big Roundtop in this downhill Logic Puzzle.
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Last weekend, Loudon and four friends went skiing at Big Roundtop. The five boys soon were debating who was the best skier and challenging each other to go down one or another of the mountain's hardest runs. Finally, they settled on a dare: they would ski the five toughest runs, starting with the easiest and ending with the most difficult. As it turned out, however, after all five made the first run, one of them dropped out of the challenge just before each of the subsequent runs, so that four went down the 2nd run, three down the 3rd, etc.; only one skied the final run. From the information below, can you determine the order in which the runs were skied, the full name of the boy who quit before each of the 2nd-5th, and the full name of the one who dared to tackle all five?

  1. Brent dropped out of the dare after going down the Lonesome Pine; Mayer was the next to quit after Brent.
  2. Johnson, who isn't Dan, dropped out right before the Two Towers run; Evan is the skier who quit just before Johnson.
  3. Chris, who enjoyed skiing down the wooded Grizzly Bear run, quit the competition just before the lightning-fast Slingshot.
  4. Wilcox decided to drop out instead of taking on the steep Spider's Web run.
  5. Neither Dan nor Alex is Shaffer, who finished the Lonesome Pine run without falling.
  6. Evan and Wilcox were both using new skis received as Christmas gifts.