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A Calendar For 2003.
Local landmarks highlight the best-selling Conemaugh County 2003 Calendar.
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January 6, 2003
The most popular calendar sold at Bounders Books this Christmas was the Conemaugh County 2003 Calendar, which features a picture of a local landmark taken in a different county community--one in Fallbrook--by a different local photographer--one by Chris Archer--on each of the January-December pages. Given the data below, can you decide each month's landmark, where it is located, and who contributed its picture to the calendar?

  1. These three photos appear in consecutive months first-to-last: the one featuring the War of 1812 Monument, the one shot in Oak Grove, and the one by photographer Siobhan O'Leary.
  2. The photo taken in Central City isn't the one of the Wedgely China Factory.
  3. The photo of the Old Fort, which isn't in the town of Wintermoor or in Mount Joy, isn't the one taken by Peter Mix.
  4. The photo shot in Mount Joy appears one month before the photo contributed by Tia Land and two months before the picture of the Conemaugh County Courthouse.
  5. On three consecutive monthly pages are, starting with the earliest, the Tea Garden photo, the photo by Bryan Bradley, and the photo of the scene in Cozy Valley.
  6. The Evergreen Arboretum isn't in Mount Joy.
  7. Siobhan O'Leary didn't contribute the picture of the Poe Mansion, which isn't in the village of Cozy Valley.
  8. The Fairgrounds picture is on an earlier page than the photo by Mark Eastman, whose work appears earlier than the shot taken in Karlsbad by one of the other 11 photographers.
  9. The City Market picture isn't the one by J. Dalton nor the one by Louisa Mays-Morris.
  10. Andrea Prentice's picture isn't set in New Wales.
  11. Kobi's photo isn't of the War of 1812 Monument nor does it immediately follow the Monument picture in the calendar.
  12. Bryan Bradley's choice of locale for his calendar picture isn't Hillsboro.
  13. Siobhan O'Leary captured neither the Wedgely China Factory nor the Tea Garden for the calendar.
  14. The picture taken in the town of Lundy's Lane is on a later page than the one of the G & O Canal Boats.
  15. J. Dalton didn't submit the Old Fort photo to the collection.
  16. In three consecutive months, these three photos appear first-to-last: the Wedgely China Factory picture, the picture taken in New Wales, and the one by photographer Kobi.
  17. Nick Charles didn't take his calendar picture in Summerset; the photo taken in Summerset isn't the one for October.
  18. The picture for the month of April was taken in the city of Wintermoor.
  19. Andrea Prentice's contribution appears one month before the photo of the Conemaugh River Rapids.
  20. Peter Mix didn't take his photo in either Cozy Valley or Hillsboro.
  21. November's picture is of the Amish Covered Bridge.
  22. Rita Heyworth, who didn't take the shot of the Fairgrounds, isn't the photographer whose calendar contribution was shot in Central City.
  23. The photo taken of the Poe Mansion is one page ahead of the Peter Mix picture and two pages ahead of the Central City shot in the calendar.
  24. The picture taken in Oak Grove isn't of the Wedgely China Factory.
  25. Nick Charles didn't take his calendar photo in New Wales.
  26. Neither Lundy's Lane nor Springdale is where Mark Eastman took his picture for the calendar.
  27. Tia Land, whose photo and Kobi's photo aren't on consecutive pages in the calendar, didn't shoot the County Courthouse for her contribution.
  28. The photo taken in Hillsboro appears one month after the one by Rita Heyworth and one month before the picture of the Old Fort.
  29. Neither Central City nor Cozy Valley is the locale for the War of 1812 Monument.
  30. Kobi's photo is neither of the Poe Masion nor of the Tea Garden.
  31. The picture by Nick Charles is one page before the Evergreen Arboretum scene.
  32. The Wedgely China factory isn't in Cozy Valley.
  33. The Tea Garden, which isn't in Central City, isn't the subject of Peter Mix's calendar photo.
  34. Tia Land's photo, which isn't of the Amish Covered Bridge, isn't on the February page of the calendar.

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