"Blintz and Co.": The New Year's Resolutions
Comic strip characters make resolutions for 2003--and beyond.
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In this week's newspaper, the characters of the "Blintz and Co." comic strip make New Year's resolutions about what they will or will not do at the office in 2003. One character is resolving to keep his/her cubicle door locked at all times during the workday. Given the blurbs below, can you solve this New Year's Logic Puzzle by drawing out each character's job title and the New Year's resolution he or she is making for 2003?

  1. Holly, the project manager, and the character who is resolving to answer every question with a firm "maybe" are all based on real people artist Adam Scott knew in his former job.
  2. Wilbert, the technical writer, and the one resolving never to work later than 1:30 in the afternoon all have the sign "Think BIG" on their cubicle walls.
  3. Rajeev, who is the computer programmer at "Blintz and Co.," isn't the character resolving to answer every query with "maybe."
  4. Neither the character resolving never to open any e-mails nor the one, "in the spirit of improving productivity," resolving to leave any meeting that lasts longer than 5 mins. is the administrative assistant.
  5. Wilbert, who isn't the project manager, isn't the one resolving to reply "maybe" to every question in 2003.
  6. Neither Ed nor Edwina is the character resolving never to open an e-mail nor the one resolving to depart any meeting after 5 mins.
  7. The project manager isn't the character resolving never to work past 1:30; the other characters already think the manager doesn't work past 8:30 in the morning.
  8. Neither Ed nor Holly is the "Blintz and Co." administrative assistant.
  9. The engineer isn't the character who is resolving not to open any e-mails to "preserve the speed and integrity of the network."