The Christmas Train
The Lionels' Christmas train runs under the tree.
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Yesterday, the Lionel family completed their holiday decorating by putting up the family Christmas train around the base of their Christmas tree. Father Lionel put the engine on the track, then each of the five children, including Jamie, coupled his or her operating car to the train, before Mother Lionel finished the job by adding the caboose. Given the schedule below, can you determine the order in which the kids' cars are in the family Christmas Train: the owner of each, the name of the railroad company emblazoned on the car, and the type of operating car it is?

  1. The Rock Island car immediately precedes the log car, which immediately precedes Kelly's car.
  2. Chad's car, which isn't the operating coal car, isn't coupled to the Burlington Northern car.
  3. Alexis's car is attached to the back end of the barrel car, which is coupled to the rear of the Norfolk & Western one.
  4. In the train, the cattle car is immediately ahead of the Milwaukee Road car.
  5. Alexis isn't the Lionel who owns the Rock Island car.
  6. The Erie-Lackawanna car is coupled to the back of Ben's car.
  7. The Norfolk & Western car, which isn't Kelly's, and the operating milk car are both from Father Lionel's boyhood train set.