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New Logic Puzzle Constructors
Five new contributors make their Logic Puzzle debuts.
December 9, 2002
From the introduction, there is one Logic Puzzle of each degree of difficulty from 1-5 stars, with the 1-star puzzles on pages 1-10, 2-star on pages 11-20, 3-star on 21-30, 4-star on 31-40, and 5-star on 41-45. By clue 1, the 5-star puzzle is on page 45. Neither "Kindergarten Kids" (clue 3), "The Honeymooners" (4), nor "Velma and the Vegematic" (7) is the 5-star Logic, so either "Football Follies" or "Treasure Island" is. If "Football Follies" were the 5-star on page 45, by clue 2, the puzzle by Lynn Larson would be on page 22 and therefore a 3-star one. David Good didn't create the 5-star puzzle (6) and Jack Kimble's puzzle isn't "Football Follies" (8), so either Carol Dahl or Ray Winkler would have authored "Football Follies". If Carol Dahl had done "Football Follies," "Kindergarten Kids would be a 2-star Logic on page 20 of the magazine (3). Since Lynn Larson didn't do "Velma and the Vegematic" (7), by clue 7, Ray Winkler would have authored "Kindergarten Kids" and "Velma and the Vegematic" would be a 1-star puzzle. By clue 4, Lynn Larson's submission would have been "The Honeymooners," with Jack Kimble's 4-star on page 32. But that puzzle would be "Treasure Island," and there is no way for clue 5 to fit. If Ray Winkler had created the 5-star "Football Follies," "Velma and the Vegematic" would be a 4-star Logic Puzzle (7). By clue 3, Carla Dahl would have to have done the 4-star puzzle. Jack Kimble would have created the 2-star puzzle, and "The Honeymooners" would be the easiest (4). By clue 3, Jack Kimble's submission would be "Kindergarten Kids," with "Treasure Island" then Lynn Larson's 3-star puzzle on page 22. "Kindergarten Kids" would be on page 13 (5), and "The Honeymooners" on page 3 (4). But "The Honeymooners" would be by David Good, and there is no way for clue 6 to work. Therefore, the 5-star Logic Puzzle isn't "Football Follies" and is "Treasure Island." The 4-star puzzle is on page 36 (5). "Football Follies" can't be a 1- or 2-star puzzle, since it is on page 24 at the earliest (2). Carla Dahl's work can't be a 1- or 2-star puzzle, since the earliest page it can be on is 26 (3). If "Football Follies" were a 3-star puzzle, on a page somewhere between 24 and 30, Carla Dahl's puzzle couldn't be "Football Follies," since then there would be two 1-star puzzles given clues 2 and 3; Carla's puzzle would have to be the 4-star one on page 36. Similarly, if "Football Follies" were on page 36 and the 2-star puzzle on page 13 (2), "Football Follies" couldn't be by Carla Dahl or a second 2-star Logic would be on page 11 (3); Carla's puzzle would have to be a 3-star one. Testing the latter case, with "Football Follies" on page 36 and the 2-star on page 13 by Lynn Larson (2), Ray Winkler would have made "Football Follies" and Carol Dahl "Velma and the Vegematic" (7)--but there is now no way for clue 4 to work. So, Carla Dahl's 4-star is on page 36, with 2-star "Kindergarten Kids" on page 11. Since "Football Follies" is a 3-star puzzle, by clue 2, Lynn Larson made the 1-star puzzle. By clue 7, Ray Winkler did "Treasure Island" and Carla Dahl "Velma and the Vegematic." By elimination, Lynn Larson's Logic Puzzle is "The Honeymooners." Therefore, by clue 4, Jack Kimble made "Kindergarten Kids," and "The Honeymooners" is on page 1. David Good's "Football Follies" are on page 24 (6). In sum, the five new contributors to Bell Logic Puzzles had their work published as follows:

  • p. 1, 1-star, "The Honeymooners" by Lynn Larson
  • p. 11, 2-star, "Kindergarten Kids" by Jack Kimble
  • p. 24, 3-star, "Football Follies" by David Good
  • p. 36, 4-star, "Velma and the Vegematic" by Carla Dahl
  • p. 45, 5-star, "Treasure Island" by Ray Winkler

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