New Logic Puzzle Constructors
Five new contributors make their Logic Puzzle debuts.
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In this month's Bell Logic Puzzles, five of the puzzles are by five new contributors, with each work being a different level of difficulty from 1 to 5 stars. The magazine is laid out so that puzzles appear in order of difficulty: 1-star puzzles are on pages 1-10, 2-star on 11-20, 3-star on 21-30, 4-star on 31-40, and 5-star on 41-45. From the clues below, can you solve this Logic Puzzle Logic Puzzle: on which page of the magazine each new constructor's effort appears, the puzzle's difficulty rating and title, and its maker's name?

  1. The 5-star by a new contributor is on the last page of the magazine.
  2. "Football Follies" is 23 pages after the Logic by neophyte Lynn Larson.
  3. Carla Dahl's puzzle is 25 pages after "Kindergarten Kids."
  4. "The Honeymooners" appears 10 pages ahead of Jack Kimble's first effort.
  5. The puzzle titled "Treasure Island" is nine pages later in the magazine than the debut work of another new constructor.
  6. David Good's first published Logic Puzzle is 12 pages earlier in the magazine than that of another of the five newbies.
  7. Ray Winkler's creation is rated one star harder than "Velma and the Vegematic," which isn't Lynn Larson's puzzle.
  8. Jack Kimble isn't the one of the five who did "Football Follies."