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Toy Store Jobs
High schoolers enjoy seasonal work at OAF Shreck.
December 2, 2002
From the introduction, the five seasonal employees include 3 girls (Heather, Julie, and Tara) and 2 boys (Greg, Stephen). By clue 3, Tara works one floor above Mr. Kenner, who works one floor above the employee in the Barbie Dolls dept.; while by clue 6, the one who sells Legos is one floor above Heather, who is one floor above Tonka. The two clues can be combined in two ways: Mr. Kenner sells Legos, or Tara is Tonka and works on the 3rd floor. Trying the latter, then, in clue 1 where all five are named, Tara Tonka would sell games--a conflict with clue 4. So, combining clues 3 and 6, Tara works one floor above Legos seller Mr. Kenner, who works one floor above Heather in Barbie dolls, who is one floor above employee Tonka. If Tara worked on the 4th floor, then Heather would work on the 2nd. In clue 1, then, Tara would have to be Ms. Hasbro. Since Mr. Kenner sells Legos, in clue 1, he would be Stephen; and Greg would sell games. Greg would sell games on the 1st floor (2) and be Tonka--a conflict with clue 4. Therefore, Tara is on the 5th floor, with Mr. Kenner on the 4th, Heather on the 3rd, and Tonka on the 2nd. Since Mr. Kenner sells Legos, he must be Stephen in clue 1. Since Heather sells Barbie dolls, in clue 1, she must be Ms. Hasbro. Tara works in the games dept. (1). By clue 1, Julie doesn't work on the 2nd floor and thus is on the 1st. Tonka is Greg and therefore sells Lionel trains (2). Bookseller Julie is Bradley (5), and Tara is Mattel. In sum, the five seasonal employees work at OAF Shreck as follows:

  • 1st - Julie Bradley, books
  • 2nd - Greg Tonka, Lionel trains
  • 3rd - Heather Hasbro, Barbie dolls
  • 4th - Stephen Kenner, Legos
  • 5th - Tara Mattel, games

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