Toy Store Jobs
High schoolers enjoy seasonal work at OAF Shreck.
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Last Friday, on the busiest shopping day of the year, five high school students began seasonal jobs at the giant OAF Shreck toy store in Summerset Mall. Each of the five--three girls (Heather, Julie, Tara) and two boys (Greg, Stephen)-- works in a different department, one in Lionel trains, on a different floor (1st-5th) of the store. From the job info that follows, can you determine the full name of each seasonal employee (one last name is Bradley) and the floor on and department in which he or she works?

  1. The five seasonal workers are Julie, Stephen, Miss Hasbro, the one who sells games, and the one whose duties are on the 2nd floor.
  2. Greg, who doesnt work on the 5th floor, and the person who works in the books section of the store are second-Christmas OAF Shreck employees.
  3. Tara works one floor above Mr. Kenner, whose department is one floor above that where another of the five loves selling Barbie dolls.
  4. Tonka isn't the student employed in the games department.
  5. Mattel isn't the seasonal employee assigned to selling books.
  6. Tonka works one floor below Heather, who works one floor below the person who enjoys playing with the Legos between sales of the construction toys.