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Turkey Time
Ben Butterball surprises his neighbors with gift gobblers for Thanksgiving.
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November 25, 2002
This year, farmer Ben Butterball is giving each of the five families, including the Williamses, who live near him along Sweet Potato Road a turkey he has raised at his Mellow Meadows Farm. Each bird has a different name, one being Max, that Ben calls him; and each weighs a different number of whole pounds. Given the turkey talk below, can you solve our Thanksgiving Logic Problem by finding the name and weight of each gobbler and the family whose "guest" he will be this Thursday?

  1. The five birds weigh a total of 100 lbs., with the lightest tipping the scales at 15 lbs.
  2. The turkey going to the Mather family weighs 5 lbs. more than the bird named Bob, which is 5 lbs. heavier than the Standishes' gift gobbler.
  3. The turkey Ben is giving the Bradfords weighs 2 lbs. more than Zeke.
  4. The bird named Earl is 4 lbs. heavier than the gobbler who will grace the Aldens' Thanksgiving table.
  5. Tom the turkey isn't going to either the Alden family or the Mathers.

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