The Fillmore Dirigible: In Flight
The band flies west for a guest shot with Jay Leno in this top-flight Logic Puzzle.
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When the country rock group Fillmore Dirigible flew to Los Angeles last month for an appearance on "The Tonight Show," the band's seven members arranged to sit in their lucky row 13 on the flight west. The airplane on which they flew has a 2-3-2 seating arrangement, with two seats on each wing across an aisle from three seats in the middle; the seats are numbered 13A through 13G from left to right facing the cockpit. Given the flight plan below, can you decide the full name of each Fillmore Dirigible member (last names are Collins, Mercury, Petty, Rose, Springsteen, Tyler, and Van Halen), his role in the band (one plays keyboards), and in which seat he sat on the flight? (Note: "next to" and "adjacent" mean with no other seat or aisle between them; "across the aisle" means in seats immediately next to the same aisle.)

  1. Slash and Flea, who sat next to each other on the flight, passed the time in the air by playing games on their Gameboys.
  2. The lead and bass guitar players sat in seats next to each other.
  3. Tyler and the saxophone player were in adjacent seats on the flight west.
  4. Mick and Van Halen, who were making their first trips to Los Angeles, sat next to each other on the plane .
  5. Ace and the trumpet player were seated in aisle seats directly across from each other.
  6. Rose's seat wasn't 13A.
  7. Mercury doesn't play lead guitar for the group.
  8. Edge, who didn't sit next to the trumpet player during the flight, had one of the two window seats.
  9. Mercury sat directly across the aisle from the Dirigible drummer.
  10. Van Halen, who didn't have a window seat, isn't the band's lead singer.
  11. Petty isn't the band's saxophone player.
  12. The lead guitar player wasn't seated next to Ace or the trumpet player.
  13. Van Halen isn't the trumpet player or saxophonist in the group.
  14. Goose didn't sit next to Collins on the six-hour flight.
  15. Slash, who isn't Springsteen, isn't the band's bass guitarist.
  16. Edge doesn't play lead guitar for the Fillmore Dirigible.
  17. The group's wild drummer isn't Ace.
  18. Edge and Tyler founded the band after leaving the rock group Maose.
  19. Petty and the lead singer sat next to each other during the flight.
  20. Mick and the saxophonist write most of the Dirigible songs.
  21. Axle isn't the group's trumpet player
  22. Collins, who doesn't play lead guitar, is the only married band member.