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Letter Dice 2
Recover the Letter Dice in today's Logic Puzzle game.
November 11, 2002
According to the introduction, each of the 24 faces of the Letter Dice has a different letter on it. Given the word GOAD, we arbitrarily assign G to die 1, O to die 2, A to die 3, and D to die 4. From GROW, R can't go on a die with G or O; and from HOAR, R isn't on die 3 with A. R is on die 4 with D. From GROW, then, the W is on die 3 with A; and from HOAR, H is on the same die as G. From CHAD, C is on die 2 with O. F isn't on die 2 with O (FOIL) or die 3 with A (FAKE), so F is on die 1 or die 4. If F were on die 4 with DR, given that I isn't on the same die as A (AXIS), from FOIL, I would go with GH and L with AW. Since K doesn't go with C on a die (MUCK), from FAKE we would get GHIK on die 1 and OCE on die 2. Given SPOT, S can't be on a die with O; therefore, given AXIS, die 2 would have OCEX and die 4 DRFS. V isn't on the same die as A (NAVY); so, given VIBE, V would be on the fifth face of die 4 and B on die 3. Y doesn't occupy the same die as V (NAVY), so Y in BOUY would go on die 1, with the U then completing die 4. However, the U would be on a die with R, conflicting with TURN. Therefore, the F is on die 1 rather than 4. I isn't on with A (AXIS), so from FOIL, I is on die 4 and L on die 3. Given MUCK, K and C are on different dice; from FAKE, then, the K goes with DRI and the E with OC. S isn't on a die with O (SPOT); so, from AXIS, S is on die 1 with GHF and X on 2 with OCE. In SPOT, the T isn't on a die with R (TURN) and is on with AWL, the P then on die 4. U isn't on with O (BUOY); so given TURN, the U is on die 1 with GHFS and the N with OCEX. Using VIBE, V isn't on with A (NAVY) and completes die 1; B is on die 3 with AWLT. Y finishes die 4 (NAVY). M is on die 3 (MUCK), and J is on a face of 2 (JUMP). In sum, the four letter dice, in order 1-4 and in order of face recovery from above, are


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