Letter Dice 2
Recover the Letter Dice in today's Logic Puzzle game.
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In the game of Letter Dice, a different letter of the alphabet is on each face of each of the 4 cubes, so that 24 of the 26 letters of the alphabet occur. Words are formed by rearranging and turning the dice so that the upward-facing letters spell a 4-letter word. The 14 words below have been anagrammed using today's cubes. Can you recover the 6 letters on each die?

  1. AXIS
  2. BUOY
  3. CHAD
  4. FAKE
  5. FOIL
  6. GOAD
  7. GROW
  8. HOAR
  9. JUMP
  10. MUCK
  11. NAVY
  12. SPOT
  13. TURN
  14. VIBE