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No Blows Barred
Five new champions win tough bouts in the "almost anything goes" competition.
November 4, 2002
Four of the five winning No Blows Barred competitors are given in clue 6: Chris, "Terminator," Alvarez, and the Featherweight champion. By clue 13, Alvin Dempsey defeated "Speed" Schultz in one match. The five losing fighters are listed in clue 10: Barry, Eddie, "Hitman," Norris, and the Middleweight runner-up. Since neither Barry nor Eddie is "Speed" Schultz (clue 13), "Speed" Schultz must be the Middleweight loser and Alvin Dempsey Middlweight champion. Alvarez didn't win the Welterweight crown, since Goldberg did (1); nor did Alvarez win in the Lightweight division (9). Alvarez won the Heavyweight title. In clue 6, then, Alvin Dempsey is either "Terminator" or the fifth winner to the four listed. If Alvin were "Terminator," Welterweight winner Goldberg (1) would be Chris or the fifth fighter to the four named. If Goldberg were Chris, who defeated Danny (1), the fifth fighter would be Lightweight winner "Fast Fists," over Hogan (3). Since Hogan isn't "Sandman" (8), by clue 1, Black would be the Featherweight champion. Ivan beat "Kid Twist," (12) and isn't Alvarez (9); Ivan would be "Fast Fists." By clue 4, Felix won over "Bonebreaker" and would be Alvarez. By elimination, loser Danny would be "Hitman" (10). Since Chris would have beaten Danny, he couldn't be "Big Foot," who won over George (11). Neither Black nor Felix is "Big Foot" (5), so clue 11 conflicts with the arrangement. Therefore, if Alvin were "Terminator," Goldberg couldn't be Chris. If Alvin were "Terminator" and Welterweight winner Goldberg were the fifth fighter, Chris would be Lightweight champion and would be "Fast Fists," winning over Hogan (3). Since Hogan isn't "Sandman" (8), Black would have won the Featherweight bout against "Sandman" (1). Ivan isn't Alvarez (9), so Ivan Goldberg would have beaten Danny "Kid Twist." By clue 4, Felix would be Alvarez, winning over "Bonebreaker." However, Ivan, who would have won over Danny, couldn't be "Big Foot," who won his title bout against George (11); nor is Felix or Black "Big Foot" (5). So, clue 11 conflicts with the arrangement. Therefore, if Alvin were "Terminator," Goldberg can't be the fifth fighter. Middleweight champion Alvin must be the fifth winner to the four in clue 6. Chris is Lightweight winner "Fast Fists" (3), defeating Hogan. Welterweight victor Goldberg (1) must be "Terminator," beating Danny for the belt. By clue 1, Black topped "Sandman," who isn't Hogan (8). Black won the Featherweight title. Ivan won over "Kid Twist" (12). Ivan isn't Alvarez (9) and must be Goldberg, with Danny's nickname "Kid Twist." Since Felix defeated "Bonebreaker" (4), Felix must be Alvarez. Chris is Moore (2). Winner "Bigfoot" 11) is neither Felix nor Black (5) and is Alvin, winning over George "Speed" Schultz. By elimination, loser "Hitman" (10) is Hogan. "Hitman" Hogan isn't Barry, Eddie (10, or Jeremy (14) and is Hank. Since Barry and Eddie lost (10), Jeremy is winner Black. His nickname is "Jump" and Felix's is "Widowmaker" (14). Eddie is "Bonebreaker" and Barry "Sandman" (7). By clue 10, Norris is Danny "Kid Twist." Finally, by clue 15, Foreman is Heavyweight loser Eddie, and Barry is Young. The five No Blows Barred champions won belts as follows:

  • Featherweight: Jeremy "Jump" Black def. Barry "Sandman" Young
  • Lightweight: Chris "Fast Fists" Moore def. Hank "Hitman" Hogan
  • Welterweight: Ivan "Terminator" Goldberg def. Danny "Kid Twist" Norris
  • Middleweight: Alvin "Big Foot" Dempsey def. George "Speed" Schultz
  • Heavyweight: Felix "Widowmaker" Alvarez def. Eddie "Bonebreaker" Foreman

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