No Blows Barred
Five new champions win tough bouts in the "almost anything goes" competition.
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Last Saturday, the World-Wide No Blows Barred Federation crowned five new champions, each "survivor" winning the title in a different weight class of the competition in which "almost anything (no biting allowed) goes." Given the blow-by-blow below, can you judge the full name and ring nickname of both the new belt-holder in each weight class and the man he defeated in the title bout? (Note: one first name is Hank, one surname Foreman.)

  1. Black put "Sandman" to sleep in one bout, while Goldberg garnered the Welterweight belt with a decision over Danny.
  2. Moore is one of the new champs.
  3. In the Lightweight matchup, "Fast Fists" defeated Hogan.
  4. Felix won over "Bonebreaker" to capture one weight class.
  5. "Big Foot," who isn't Felix, and Black are both No Blows Barred world champions for the first time.
  6. These four fighters won titles: Chris, "Terminator," Alvarez, and the Featherweight champion.
  7. Eddie and "Jump" compete in two different weight classes.
  8. Hogan and "Sandman" train at Jake's Gym in Summerset.
  9. Alvarez, who isn't Ivan, doesn't fight as a Lightweight.
  10. The five fighters who lost on Saturday are Barry, Eddie, "Hitman," Norris, and the Middleweight contender.
  11. In the most action-packed event of the night, "Big Foot" captured a victory against George.
  12. Ivan became a champion with a win over "Kid Twist."
  13. In one bout, Alvin Dempsey used his "Double Dropkick" effectively to beat "Speed" Schultz, who isn't Barry or Eddie.
  14. Jeremy, who isn't Hogan, and "Widowmaker" have both appeared as minor villains in Jackie Chan movies, where each was flattened by the film hero, of course.
  15. Young didn't compete in the Heavyweight title fight.