A Halloween Logic Problem
Colorfully-costumed couples greet and treat children on Elm St.
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For Halloween this Thursday, the five couples who live on the north side of Elm St. (101, 103, 105, 107, and 109 in order) plan to greet neighborhood trick or treaters by dressing up as favorite characters and giving out a different kind of candy. Given the hints below, there's a ghost of a chance that you can unmask which couple lives in each house, as what each husband and each wife plans to masquerade on October 31, and what kind of sweet treat they are giving out to those trick or treaters who brave their front door. Your treat will be the satisfaction of solving our Halloween Challenger Logic Puzzle.

  1. Alice and her husband aren't the couple giving away the Snickers bars.
  2. The man going on Halloween as the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz and his wife aren't treating the kids to Twizzlers licorice.
  3. The couple who have chosen Snickers bars as their treat live next door to John and his wife and to the couple whose wife is dressing up as Cinderella.
  4. The couple giving out M & M's live next door to Mr. & Mrs. Myers, who isn't Alice.
  5. The woman masquerading as Florence Nightingale and her spouse live next door to the man going as Count Dracula and his wife.
  6. The woman who will be begowned as Cinderella and her husband aren't the ones who live at 101 or 109 Elm St.
  7. Tina and her husband have the house between and next door to those of Keith and his wife and Karen and her husband--who isn't the one who will be Frankenstein's Monster for Halloween.
  8. The couple giving out the Twizzlers live next door to Alice and her mate and to Mr. & Mrs. Voorhees.
  9. Both Keith and the man who will don the Capt. Kirk costume have carved intricate jack-o'-lanterns to light up the October 31 festivities.
  10. The woman who plans to masquerade as Raggedy Ann isn't the one whose husband is dressing as Frankenstein's Monster
  11. Mary and her spouse don't live at 109 Elm.
  12. The house where one couple will give out Whoppers malted milk balls is immediately flanked by those of the Lechters and the couple whose husband is wearing the Tin Man gear.
  13. Alice, who isn't going as Cinderella, and Keith's wife traditionally serve their spouses and friends oatmeal cookies and hot mulled cider during the trick or treating.
  14. The Kruegers live next door to the man going as Capt. Kirk and his wife, who isn't wearing the Florence Nightingale getup.
  15. John and the man dressing as Count Dracula are renting costumes from Evil Ed's Eerie Emporium.
  16. Mr. Bates, who isn't the one who will be Darth Vader on October 31, isn't the man whose wife will be Wonder Woman for an evening.
  17. David, who isn't Mr. Krueger, and Tina's husband both play weird sounds on tape recorders to heighten the Halloween effect.
  18. Pamela isn't the wife who decided to go the conventional route as a witch this year.
  19. Mr. Myers, who isn't John, and his wife aren't the couple who have chosen Twizzlers as their treat.
  20. Bob and his wife aren't the pair who will dole out Milky Way bars on Thursday night.
  21. Ray's wife isn't the one masquerading as Raggedy Ann.
  22. The man going as Capt. Kirk, who isn't John, and his wife aren't giving out Milky Ways on Halloween.