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A Collection of Villains
Collectibles starring Disney villains brighten Wendy's birthday.
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October 21, 2002
For her birthday last week, Wendy Sweet received five new Disney collectibles, each from a different family member, to add to her sizeable store of cartoon memorabilia. Interestingly, each of the gifts, including the pin, features a different Disney villain. Given the clues that follow, can you determine Wendy's gifts: the villain featured on each item and who gave her the memento?

  1. The collectible given to Wendy by her sister Jasmine, who didn't give her the snow globe, features Wendy's favorite Disney villain--not the magnificent Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.
  2. Three of Wendy's new collectibles are the one from her Aunt Aurora, the Captain Hook item, and the paperweight.
  3. The gift from her brother John, the Cruella de Vil collectible, and the figurine all helped make Wendy's 11th birthday special.
  4. Wendy's Grandma Belle gave her a memento featuring The Little Mermaid villain Ursula--not the paperweight.
  5. The figurine isn't of the Evil Queen from Snow White.
  6. Wendy had planned to ask for the collectible featuring the wonderfully nasty Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations, which isn't the gift her Aunt Aurora bought her, and the paperweight for Christmas.
  7. The first three gifts Wendy opened were the one from her sister Jasmine and the ones wrapping the poster and the Evil Queen collectible.
  8. Brother John had looked at the paperweight at the Disney Store at the mall but didn't have enough money to buy it.
  9. Uncle Peter's gift wasn't the item featuring the Evil Queen.

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