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Great Pumpkins
Giant gourds weigh in for the title of Great Pumpkin.
October 14, 2002
By clue 10, no two pumpkins weighed the same, with weights ranging from a low of 650 lbs. to a high of 800. Neither Tom (clue 1), Mary (6), nor Jack (9) grew the 650 lb. pumpkin, so either Linda or Ron did. In either case, by clues 3 and 7, a third pumpkin weighed in at 750 lbs, grown either by Valley View Farm (3) or Harvester (7). By clue 8, the owner of Valley View Farm isn't Waters; by clue 6, then, Mary can't have grown the 800 lb. winner, since Waters can't have grown the 750 lb. one. So, either Jack or Tom grew the biggest pumpkin. If Jack produced the 800 lb. behemoth, then Rocky Bottom Farm would have entered a 725-lb. pumpkin (9). By clues 3 and 7, either Ron or Linda would have had to grow a 700 lb. pumpkin; any other weight would necessitate six entries. Mary would have entered the 750 lb. pumpkin (6), and Tom then the 725 lb.'er. However, there is now no way for the differences between Tom's and the two pumpkins in clue 1 to work. So, Jack didn't win; Tom entered the 800 lb. pumpkin. By clues 3 and 7, neither Ron nor Linda could have grown the 750 lb. monster. If Jack had grown the 750 lb. pumpkin, then Rocky Bottom Farm would have entered a 675 lb. pumpkin (9). Mary couldn't have entered a 675 lb. pumpkin (6), so either Ron or Linda would have. Then the fifth pumpkin would weigh 775 lbs. (3, 7) and would be Mary's--but clue 6 would then give a sixth weight of 725 lbs. So Jack didn't grow the 750 lb. pumpkin; Mary did, and Waters entered a 700 lb. one (6). Waters isn't Jack (9) and must be Ron or Linda. By clue 9, Jack's pumpkin weighed 75 lbs. more than the one grown at Rocky Bottom Farm, which must be the 700 or the 650 lb. pumpkin. If the Rocky Bottom Farm entry were the 700 lb.'er and Jack's then went 775 lbs., by clue 1, Mary would have to be Tillman and Jack from Silent Spring Farm. Then by clues 3 and 7, Mary would be from Valley View Farm and Ron would have grown the 650 lb. pumpkin, with Linda then the grower of the 700 lb. entry, at Rocky Bottom Farm--no (5). Therefore, the Rocky Bottom Farm pumpkin must be the 650 lb. one, with Jack's tipping the sales at 725 lbs. (9). Ron then grew the Rocky Bottom pumpkin (5), so Mary grew hers at Valley View Farm (3). Linda Waters grew the 700 lb. pumpkin, and Tom is Harvester (7). By clue 1, Ron is Tillman; and Jack operates Silent Spring Farm. Tom owns Hilltop Farm (4) and Linda Maple Glade Farm. Finally, Jack is Plant and Mary Meadows (2). The Great Pumpkin Contest results were as follows:

  • 800 lbs. -- Tom Harvester, Hilltop Farm
  • 750 lbs. -- Mary Meadows, Valley View Farm
  • 725 lbs. -- Jack Plant, Silent Spring Farm
  • 700 lbs. -- Linda Waters, Maple Glade Farm
  • 650 lbs. -- Ron Tillman, Rocky Bottom Farm

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