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Great Pumpkins
Giant gourds weigh in for the title of Great Pumpkin.
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October 14, 2002
At last week's 2002 Great Pumpkin Contest weigh-in, five local farmers entered their giant results to try to win the grand prize--a year's supply of pumpkin pie from Peter's Bakery to the grower of the heaviest pumpkin. Each of the farmers, including Plant, is from a different area farm, with one operating Hilltop Farm. Given the weigh-in results below, can you determine each giant pumpkin's weight, the full name of its grower, and the farm he or she represented in the event?

  1. Tom's pumpkin weighed more than both Tillman's and the one entered by Silent Spring Farm. The difference in weights between Tom's entry and Tillman's was twice the difference in weights between Tom's pumpkin and the one from Silent Spring farm.
  2. Jack won the 2001 Great Pumpkin Contest, edging Meadows by 25 lbs.
  3. The pumpkin grown at Valley View Farm weighed in at 100 lbs. more than the one entered by Ron.
  4. Harvester and the Maple Glade Farm owner added to the festivities by hauling their entries to the contest in horse-drawn wagons.
  5. Peter's Bakery bought both Linda's and the Rocky Bottom Farm's pumpkins to make pies for Thanksgiving.
  6. Mary's behemoth weighed 50 lbs. more than Waters's did.
  7. Linda's giant pumpkin weighed in at 100 lbs. less than Harvester's monster did.
  8. Both Waters and Valley View's owner operate pumpkin patches on their farms where children can pick their personal future Jack O'Lanterns.
  9. Jack's giant outweighed the Rocky Bottom Farm entry by 75 lbs.
  10. No two entries weighed the same. The winning Giant Pumpkin strained the scales at 800 lbs., while the lightest pumpkin weighed a whopping 650 lbs.

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