Foul Balls
In this All-Star Puzzles' Logic Problem challenger, the Jackson brothers take home Smashers souvenirs.
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Last week, at the Summerset Smashers-Ocean City Bluefins Low Minors World Series game, the five Jackson brothers took home special souvenirs: each caught a baseball fouled into the stands by a different Smashers player, one coming off the bat of Rocky Glover. From the scorecard below, can you call the inning in which each boy snared his souvenir baseball, the Summerset player who fouled off the ball, and the position he plays in the Smashers lineup (one is the center fielder)?

  1. No two foul balls were caught in the same inning. One brother caught a ball in the 1st inning, not hit by Bobby Bunter, while the fifth and final catch was made in the bottom of the 9th inning.
  2. Jeff snagged his souvenir two innings after one boy snared a foul off the bat of the Smashers catcher.
  3. Jim made his souvenir catch two innings after one of his brothers grabbed a foul off the bat of Bobby Bunter.
  4. One souvenir was fouled off by Milt Wheelhouse and another by the team's shortstop.
  5. One brother caught a baseball hit by the second baseman, who isn't Bobby Bunter.
  6. One brother, not John, caught a foul by the team's shortstop, who isn't Chance Evers.
  7. Jason made a spectacular catch of a foul ball three innings after another Jackson speared a foul off Smasher Homer Long's bat.
  8. The boy who caught the Chance Evers foul made the catch two innings after John got his souvenir ball, which wasn't hit by the catcher.
  9. The foul ball off the first baseman's bat was caught two innings after the ball Jerry took home; Jerry isn't the one who got the Homer Long-hit baseball.